About the course:

Financial modelling is a process of forecasting financial performance of a company and business valuation is a way of calculating the fair value of that company. It’s an important financial skill that can help you calculate and evaluate the intrinsic value of any company.

  • 30 lessons (on-demand videos)

  • Downloadable skeletal financial model built on advanced-excel

  • Certificate of completion shareable over LinkedIn

  • Lifetime access on mobile, tablet, laptop-PC and TV

  • Optional 1-month internship to interested and assigned candidates

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Financial Modeling and Business Valuation

  • 2

    Business Understanding

    • Understanding subject company

    • Understanding Subject Company Quiz

    • Industry analysis

    • Industry Analysis Quiz

    • Weekly Office Hours

  • 3

    Fundamental analysis

    • Boston Matrix

    • Boston Matrix Quiz

    • Mckinsey Matrix

    • McKinsey Matrix Quiz

    • Boston and McKinsey - USL

    • Boston and McKinsey - USL Quiz

    • Weekly Office Hours

  • 4

    Forecasting Income Statement

  • 5

    Forecasting Balance Sheet

    • Understanding Tangible Assets

    • Understanding Tangible Assets Quiz

    • Tangible Assets

    • Tangible Assets Quiz

    • Non-Current Assets- 01

    • Non-Current Assets- 01 Quiz

    • Non-Current Assets- 02

    • Non-Current Assets- 02 Quiz

    • Current Assets

    • Current Assets Quiz

    • Non- current & Current Liabilities

    • Liabilities Quiz

    • Weekly Office Hours

  • 6

    Forecasting Cashflow Statement

    • Operating Cash flow

    • Operating Cash Flow Quiz

    • Investing and Financing Cash Flow

    • Investing and Financing Cash Flow Quiz

  • 7


    • Cost of Equity

    • Cost of Equity Quiz

    • Weighted Average Cost of Capital

    • WACC Quiz

    • Discounted Cashflow (DCF) Approach

    • DCF Quiz

    • Relative Valuation

    • Relative Valuation Quiz

    • Scenario Analysis

    • Scenario Analysis Quiz

    • Football Field Analysis

    • Football Field Analysis Quiz

    • Relative Valuation Multiples- All industries

    • Relative Valuation Multiples Quiz

  • 8

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    • Why M&As fail | Why valuations matter | How to value deals

    • M&A Quiz

  • 9

    Excel Crash Course

    • Excel for Finance

    • Excel for Finance Quiz

    • Excel- Tools & Tricks

    • Excel- Tools & Tricks Quiz

    • Macros for regular financial analysis from data dump

    • Macros Quiz

    • Core Finance on Excel- IRR, NPV, Payback Period

    • Core Finance on Excel Quiz

Requirements from Candidates

  • Enthusiasm for finance and a keen mind to learn

  • No prior knowledge of finance or valuation is required

  • A brief idea about financial statements would be a plus: Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement

Who is this for?

  • Students pursuing a Graduate program or a Masters degree and want to make a career in finance.

  • Finance practitioners who are eager to improve their Excel and Financial Modeling skills.

  • Working Professionals who want to upskill and pursue a career in the Investment Banking, Venture Capital or Private Equity industry.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business and are looking to evaluate their ideas or plan on raising VC funding.

  • Young businessmen who wants to leverage financial modeling to make better business decision, and better analyse business opportunities.


Dhwanil Desai

University of Toronto, Canada

"Financial forecasting is an essential skill not just from the perspective of finance but also entrepreneurship, innovation and management. I would like to thank all the other wonderful people I met through the course with whom learning such a sophisticated skill felt like so much fun."

Ayushi Agarwal, CFA

Senior Equity Analyst, Turtle Wealth Management

"The best teacher is someone who can decipher the toughest concepts in the easiest way and I believe the founders did an amazing job at this. Valuationary teaches Valuation covering not only theoretical aspects but also how real-world applications take place."

Divya Gupta, CFA

Equity Research Analyst, Reliance Nippon Life insurance

"Valuationary’s financial modelling and valuations course has helped me become extremely more efficient in my job. It had detailed discussion about the company, their financial statements and in depth forecasting of every headline and the cashflows. We built a financial model from scratch. Since then, I could build another model on my own."

CA Ruchika Agrawal

Equity Analyst

"The practical concept of financial modelling and business valuation is essential to learn for all those who are seeking financial jobs. The course not only tell you about the academics but also about the relevant news and notion that is practically carried around the world."

Aastha Goswami

ASU W.P. Carey School of Business, U.S.A

“In a world where data is the new oil, Valuationary meticulously teaches you how to weave the story behind numbers and reveal the true potential of a company. Instead of just asking candidates to fill in a spreadsheet, they focus upon the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of every step of the valuation process. The course not only gave me a perspective to understand intricate financial concepts but also helped me get a head start in my career by distinguishing me from other applicants."

Nirmit Dalmia

University of Warwick - UK

“The course has all the elements you need to get an wholesome knowledge of what finance and valuation is all about. It is not just the course material which makes it so extraordinary but the mentors who have put in tons of effort in delivering that knowledge to us. They have been very supportive throughout the course and patient with all the queries that one had."

Sukhraj Singh

MSc Finance & Economics – Warwick Business School, U.K

"The best part about the program is that we get the opportunity to work on real company with real data and all minute details (from data source to analyzing the company’s annual report and background to calculation of input variables etc.) are covered efficiently. Moreover, the instructors were excellent in clearing the doubts. Their approach of teaching with the combination of research and practicality is very effective and unique. "

Yash Tibrewal

London School of Economics, U.K.

“The team of Valuationary comprises of members who are competent enough to deliver their knowledge and pertinent corporate experience in a comprehensible way to their students. The course is very well structured & should be attended by every student/professional who has an interest in understanding the implicit reasons behind valuations."